Interstate 35 Shut Down After Accident

AUSTIN, TX – On September 24, 2015, police received a report of an accident on Interstate 35. Upon arrival, officers discovered a deceased individual on the roadway. The man had been struck by a semi-truck and pronounced dead at the scene. Immediately following the accident, all southbound lanes of the highway were closed. Authorities began to reopen the interstate shortly after 10:30 a.m. The man was struck and killed by the 18-wheeler close to the 6600 block of the highway. He was pronounced dead by Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services. According to reports, this was the 80th traffic fatality in… Read More

Accident on Highway 59 Ends in Arrests

AUSTIN, TX – There is a long stretch of highway that begins in Laredo and runs beyond Houston. Traffic stops are not uncommon along this stretch of road, and many involve illegal immigrants who try to run from the police once their vehicle is stopped. Last Thursday, one such incident took place. Unfortunately, what began as a simple traffic stop ended with six lives lost. Just after a vehicle was stopped, its driver took off, fleeing from the police, eventually losing control. The vehicle, filled with immigrants, flipped over several times, ejecting people along Highway 59. According to reports, a… Read More

Bus Driver Cited in Accident

AUSTIN, TX – As a pedestrian, you do all of the right things. You wait at the intersection. You keep your eye on the signal. And you only cross in the designated path. Unfortunately, doing the right things doesn’t always keep you safe. A woman’s family found this out last Monday night when a woman was struck and killed in an Austin crosswalk. Details of the accident have not been immediately released, but it is known that the woman was struck by a Capital Metro bus while in a crosswalk. The driver of the bus has been cited… Read More

Three Friends Biking to Austin for Charity

AUSTIN, TX – Be on the lookout, people of Austin. You will soon be seeing three bike riders enter town and call an end to their multi-state road trip. Three men will be riding from Detroit to Austin, making several stops along the way, in the Detroit 2 Austin charity ride. The men are supporting various charities through their ride that will cover more than 1,600 miles. Dane Wittig, Tyler Wittig, and Colin McConnell hope to raise awareness for charities and causes that are often overlooked in favor of larger campaigns. The three are supporting Healing Vercammen Hearts,… Read More

Woman and Dog Reunited After Accident

TYLER, TX – Getting into a car crash is a stressful occurrence. Imagine being involved in a wreck with your best friend riding as a passenger in your vehicle. Katherine Ann Scott knows that feeling all too well. Scott and her best dog pal, Alcide, was traveling back to Austin from Tyler just a few short weeks ago. The crash occurred in Palestine, TX. Scott’s vehicle, a Hyundai, was struck by an 18-wheeler in an intersection. Before the woman knew what was happening, she was hit on her driver’s side. She was hit so hard, in fact, that it took… Read More

Pilot Crashes Prior to Air Show

AUSTIN, TX – An Austin pilot was killed on Friday, August 28, ahead of a New York air show. The pilot was aboard a propeller-driven stunt plane, practicing tricks for the show. According to reports, the accident occurred around 2 p.m. at Stewart International Airport. The man was the only person in the plane. No bystanders were injured in the crash. The plane involved was a Giles G202 experimental aircraft. Records show that the plane was owned by Andrew Wright, a stunt pilot out of Austin, Texas. Wright took a reporter for a test flight before the fatal… Read More

Self-Driving Cars Hitting Downtown Streets

AUSTIN, TX – Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the future. The age of The Jetson’s may very well be upon us in the city of Austin. Google has chosen the city as its second to street-test self-driving cars. According to The Guardian, Austin will be only the second city, and the first outside of Mountain View, California, to see the self-driving cars on city streets. Google Fiber has already been launched in the city, proving that Austin is a top choice for Google when it comes to testing technology. This is certainly a benefit for… Read More

Businesses Damaged After Being Hit By Car

AUSTIN, TX – This past Sunday was anything but a day of rest and relaxation for law enforcement and fire officials in the city of Austin. The first responders worked tirelessly investigating a crash at the Arbor Walk shopping center. Just before 5 a.m., a Nissan Altima went airborne, caught fire, and landed in a building. The incident began when the car crashed through a barrier on the Braker Lane off-ramp along MoPac Boulevard. The building the car landed in contained several businesses. According to officials, four people were pronounced dead on scene. Each person was… Read More

Law Enforcement Reports Increase in Alcohol-Related Crashes

AUSTIN, TX – A motorcyclist was killed in a crash involving a car on August 9, at the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was charged with intoxication manslaughter, a second-degree felony. As a result of the accident, Police Chief Acevedo held a press conference in conjunction with the Vision Zero Task Force and the Austin Transportation Department. The point of the press conference was to address the number of fatal crashes that have occurred this year. According to police reports, 67 people have died in traffic accidents this year. That is… Read More

Austin Officials Urge Helmet Use

AUSTIN, TX – A mother’s worst nightmare came true last weekend when her daughter was killed in a car crash in downtown Austin. Natalie Renee Dailey was laid to rest Saturday, surrounded by friends and family. The incident occurred when a driver failed to yield, striking the motorcycle that Dailey was a passenger on. The short ride on 15th Street proved to be a dangerous one. For the family who recently lost its father, the woman’s death is particularly difficult. According to those who knew her, Dailey’s loves included children, family and music. The First Baptist Church where… Read More