Is Pre-Settlement Funding Right For Your Case?

If you suffered a personal injury that has you out of work and unable to pay your bills or your case involves a massive investigation that needs funding in order to continue, a pre-settlement loan might be a solution to the money problem. It’s important that you understand the ins and outs of pre-settlement or litigation funding before you go talk to a financial company because their are ethical issues you might want to think about. What Is Pre-Settlement Funding? It has numerous names including lawsuit loan, legal funding or financing, settlement funding, or third-party funding. It’s all the… Read More

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

When you’ve suffered an injury from a car accident, product liability, third party negligence, or from a work related cause, one of the biggest problems you’ll face is proving how much you need to be fully indemnified or compensated or how much your personal injury claim is worth. This is where the biggest disputes between policyholders and insurance companies or injured victims and the faulty party’s insurance provider arise. Knowing how you can calculate how much your claim is worth can be helpful when talking to adjusters or deciding if you need an Austin personal injury attorney. Here’s some advice… Read More

Negligence at Holiday Parties

The holidays and winter season is for many people filled with parties and celebrations. Even though they are usually filled with good intentioned fun and spirit. However, accidents and injuries can still sometimes unfortunately happen. Sometimes it’s just innocent accidents or silly mistakes, but other times negligence can be involved. This is how different hosts can be liable for an injury: Dram Shops If an event is hosted at a public or social location, run by a business that will be serving and selling the guests alcohol, they are responsible for refusing to serve individuals that are… Read More

What to do After a Car Accident

With the holidays upon us, it seems like everyone is travelling. If you’re driving long distances this holiday season, make sure to be extra careful on the road. Accidents are more likely to happen because of anxious and impatient drivers, and patience seems to dwindle after hours on the road. If you do happen to find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a car accident, here are some steps to make sure you complete after the accident happens. Make sure everyone is safe. Check on everyone involved in the accident, and call an ambulance if anyone… Read More

Understanding Your Case’s Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction gives a court the right to make legal decisions and judgments for a given case. If there was no jurisdiction then someone living in Texas could go sue another Texan from a court in Montana. Jurisdiction sets boundaries on what cases a court can get involved in. There are two types of courts that can hear your case: State Courts and Federal Courts. You need to know who has jurisdiction in your court so that your case is not dismissed for this simple but integral step of a lawsuit. There Are Two Types Of Jurisdiction Since there are two… Read More

Negligence in Skiing or Snowboarding Injuries

Hitting the mountaintops this winter? Skiing and snowboarding are both exciting, rewarding, unique and fun experiences that the freezing weather can bring to people all around the world. As any sport or physical endeavor, however, it can also be just as dangerous as it is thrilling. You probably already know that skiing and snowboarding accidents happen often and regularly. It’s repeated over and over that it’s your responsibility to behave and prepare responsibly. However, sometimes, even if you follow the general advice to always wear a helmet, use the right equipment, and pay attention to warnings and hazards,… Read More

Sharing the Road with 18 Wheelers

Getting into accidents with 18 wheelers is dangerous, scary and possibly deadly. Here are some tips for sharing the road with 18 wheelers; remember that road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and at the end of the day the most important thing is the preservation of our and each other’s lives. Don’t stay in blind spots Trucks and 18 wheelers have significantly larger and wider blind spots than normal cars. Make sure to avoid them. There are wide blind spots that wing out on each side of the truck as well as a very large blind spot behind the… Read More

Workers’ Compensation: When Do You Need An Attorney?

Did you know that Texas is the only state that does not require employers to provide workers’ compensation? Thirty-three percent of employers choose not to provide workers’ compensation insurance and leave nineteen percent of employees uncovered. Whether or not your employer provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you need to know more about how this affects your livelihood in the occurrence of an injury at work. Can I Sue For Damages After A Work Related Injury? The answer to this questions depends upon whether or not your employer provides this benefit. If your employer does provide workers’ compensation, then you will… Read More

Austin Police Shooting Leads To Wrongful Death Case

Currently The Loewy Law Firm is going to trial for a highly publicized case involving wrongful death. This case involves a young man who was shot in the back of the head by a police officer. It is controversial because it involves a black man who was shot around 34th street, a predominately white area . The case is set for trial and as the case proceeds and the facts come clear, we will be seeking justice for a man who was wrongfully killed. Wrongful Death Cases Wrongful death results from negligence or an intentional act… Read More

How Does Wrongful Imprisonment Happen?

As much as we wish the justice system in America was flawless, it is, unfortunately, not the case. Many people every year are wrongly imprisoned, and with the development of more advanced forensic technology, we are beginning to see just how serious this problem has been. But how does wrongful imprisonment happen? How does a judge and jury become convinced that someone completely innocent is in fact guilty? Here are some of the most common causes of wrongful imprisonment: False Confessions In many cases, the situations and circumstances around a crime and its prime suspects are complex and… Read More