March Madness Can Lead to Injury

Bin of basketballs

March Madness is here, are you ready? If you are like thousands of people across the country, you are putting your money down on brackets, passes to games and even airline tickets. March Madness is a favorite time of year for anyone who follows college basketball. While watching a game can be a good time, it can also be dangerous, especially when you choose to see a game in person. People are injured in stadiums frequently, and many of those accident are preventable. But what if they aren’t? In order to prove an effective premise liability case, you… Read More

Larry Jackson’s Family Receives $600,000

Larry Jackson Rally

Austin police detectives shot and killed Larry Jackson. As part of a settlement, the parents of Jackson will receive $600,000 from the city. According to police reports, Charles Kleinert was investigating an unrelated bank robbery at the Benchmark Bank on West 35th Street. Jackson attempted to enter the bank, but the doors were locked. Kleinert stepped outside to speak with Jackson, but Jackson ran away. Kleinert gave chase and ended up in a struggle with Jackson. Kleinert’s gun went off after the struggle, striking Jackson in the back of the head. Said Adam Loewy, attorney for Jackson’s parents,… Read More

Which Breed of Dog Is Most Likely to Bite?

Angry Chihuahua

The truth of the matter is this: Any dog with or without teeth has the ability to bite. When threatened, it is reasonable that a dog will lash out. When choosing a breed for your family or deciding which dogs you will freely offer your hand to and which you won’t, knowing the breeds that are most likely to bite is important. Here is a quick rundown. 1. Chihuahua They may look small and innocent, but a Chihuahua can pack a big punch when frightened. Their tiny, sharp teeth can easily puncture the skin. This breed is not… Read More

Valentine’s Day Ideas in Austin

Love Home Decor

Are you looking for something to do this Valentine’s Day? If you are searching for a way to make your loved one feel special, you don’t have to look very far. Austin is full of activities for singles and couples alike this holiday. Here are just a few ways to spend your day, night or weekend. 1. Wineries Wineries are always a popular choice for single and couples. You can enjoy an evening out or a romantic weekend getaway for two. There are more than 30 wineries in the city, each with its own flair. No… Read More

Handling a Holiday Dog Bite

Dog Bite

Good dogs bite. It’s a simple statement and a true one. You don’t have to be jogging down the road to be bitten by a dog. You can be visiting a friend and petting a familiar dog and still receive a puncture wound. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, pets can get nervous and out of sorts. If you will be partying the year away to welcome the new, be wary of any pets that you may run into. Why Good Dogs Bite Any dog will bite under different circumstances. A dog may be feeing under… Read More

8 Most Common Holiday Injuries

You have heard that old phrase: “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.” It is true all year, and it is even more accurate during the holidays. Now is the time of year that is supposed to be filled with joy and laughter, and an injury can put a serious damper on any good times you hope to have. Thousands of people end up in the hospital every year as a result of holiday-induced injuries. If we all just keep in mind that we need to be a little bit more cautious and have a touch… Read More

Pedestrian Accidents More Frequent During Holiday Season

As a pedestrian, you may be at the most danger of being struck by a vehicle now than during any other time of year. Why? Quite simply put: More drivers on the road during the holidays are driving while distracted. If you walk frequently or even just plan on shopping and being in public parking lots, read on. Knowing what to look out for can quite possible save your life. Distractions You may think that texting and driving is the biggest cause of distraction behind the wheel and you may be right. It’s important to remember, though,… Read More

Man Outlines Dangers of Vacation Rentals

A man has recently come forward publicly to outline the events surrounding the death of his father two years ago. He has done this in hopes of alerting people to the dangers of renting vacation accommodations from sites like Airbnb. According to Zak Stone, his family rented a home in Austin two years ago with the intention of celebrating Thanksgiving. Among the amenities in the home was a swing hanging from a tree outside. Stone’s father tried the swing out and ultimately lost his life. Stone explains the events as follows: The family found a cottage for rent… Read More

Testimonial: Loewy Law Firm Helps Injured Austin Woman

Our team works hard to help our clients. We try to go above and beyond what you would expect of a law firm, and we are proud of the positive feedback we receive. This review of the Loewy Law Firm was written by a wonderful woman who was badly hurt by a baseball at a local batting cage. “I called The Loewy Law firm on the advice of a friend after being injured by another party. Prior to calling them, I had spoken with a several other firms, large and small, and although all of them told… Read More

Austin Man Struck by Vehicle

AUSTIN, TX – Walking across a street is something that many of take for granted. We believe that we will make it safely to the other side. Unfortunately, that is not how the action played out for an Austin man early Sunday morning. Police report that a 39-year old Austin man was crossing the street on the frontage road of the 2200 block of East Anderson Lane. As the mat was attempting to cross the road from north to south, a car traveling westbound stuck the man. The man was pronounced dead at… Read More