Were you injured in a car accident with a tanker truck? Was it due to the truck driver or another negligent party’s misconduct? If so, contact the Austin personal injury attorneys of Loewy Law Firm to learn about your legal options and the services we can provide to get you the money you’re owed. You deserve compensation for the expenses you incur from the collision. If someone else’s actions were entirely to blame, you should not be financially responsible for your losses.

A tanker truck is a large commercial vehicle used for storing and carrying hazardous substances, such as chemicals and gases. They can also hold beverages, liquids, and dry goods, such as flour and grain. Unlike the rectangular trailer on a semi-truck, the compartment on a tanker is cylindrical. Flammable liquids and other dangerous materials have a more stable environment during transport due to this design.

Although they are necessary vehicles, tanker trucks can cause massive destruction, debilitating injuries, and death in collisions with passenger cars. The violent impact of a crash plus the hazards spilled chemicals can create often have devastating consequences for anyone involved. At Loewy Law Firm, we understand the challenges you face while recovering from your injury and seeking compensation from the at-fault party. You can depend on us to work hard toward a favorable outcome in your case.

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Parties You Can Hold Liable for a Tanker Truck Accident

The truck driver, their employer, and multiple other parties could be at fault for an accident involving a tanker truck.

Common parties involved in tanker truck accidents include:

Loewy Law Firm is familiar with the process of investigating tanker truck accidents and collecting available evidence to prove whose actions are responsible. We can help you build a solid case and seek the compensation you need from the negligent person or company.

Common Causes of Tanker Truck Accidents

Tankers pose a significant risk of harm to the driver and the occupants of other vehicles during an accident. The trucker must have the necessary licensing, training, and experience to operate a tanker truck safely. They should also know how to handle hazards they encounter and what to do in an emergency.

Maneuvering a tanker truck on roadways requires a thorough knowledge of its structure and all moving parts. The vehicle is massive, heavy, and contains flammable and combustible materials that can lead to life-threatening injuries if they leak or spill out onto the road. Fires and explosions commonly occur during these accidents, releasing toxic fumes into the air and causing severe burns to the injured victims.

The most common causes of tanker accidents include:

If you were involved in an accident with a tanker truck for any reason, you should consult an Austin tanker truck accident lawyer to determine whether you have a case. The at-fault party should be held accountable for their wrongdoing and provide the compensation you need to afford your medical treatment and heal your injuries.

Possible Compensation in a Tanker Truck Accident Case

Texas is a fault state. That means the person that causes an accident becomes financially responsible for the injured party’s losses. These losses can include:

Motor carriers using tanker trucks to transport hazardous substances must purchase liability insurance with minimum limits as required by federal regulations. The amount of these limits depends on whether the vehicle operates in the state or is taken across state lines and the type of substances contained in the cargo compartment.

You could seek compensation for the losses you suffered by filing a claim with the liability insurance company. Coverage is often high enough to cover your medical bills and other expenses. However, just because a specific liability limit is available does not necessarily mean that’s the amount of money you will receive. It depends on the circumstances of your case, such as the severity of your injury, your total medical expenses, and other contributing factors.

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