18-Wheeler Crashes in Bastrop and Austin End in Tragedy

Earlier this week we discussed the case of Rainey Blaylock, a young Austin woman killed after colliding with an 18-wheeler. This week, drivers on Texas 71 and Interstate 35 South witnessed more fatalities involving 18-wheelers. For drivers in Texas, the importance of alert, careful driving has become painfully clear. Fatal car accidents are an unnervingly common occurrence in our world: this does not make them any less heartbreaking.

In Bastrop County on Westbound 71, an SUV rear-ended a pickup truck, which then slammed into an 18-wheeler and caused a fire that was severe enough to damage the highway. The crash sent Suzanne Hodgson, the SUV driver, to Brackenridge and killed Lorenzo Ruiz, the pickup driver. Ruiz’s passenger, Laura Perez, was injured and taken to Brackenridge as well.

Suzanne Hodgson, a reporter for the Smithville Times, is being charged with intoxication manslaughter. Laura Perez, her family, and Ruiz’s family should seek help in dealing with this tragedy. We advocate legal intervention. As the victims of an intoxicated driver, they have the right to sue for damages. In dealing with similar situations, the Loewy Law Firm has been able to recover full compensation for the expenses, damage, and suffering brought on by a wrongful death car crash.

Just this morning on I-35 South between Yager and Braker Lane, a fatal crash involving two 18-wheelers left one of the drivers dead. By law, 18-wheelers are required to carry large commercial insurance policies because of their hazardous potential. While liability in this case is unclear, we would proceed with a full investigation to obtain all of the evidence, facts, and statements necessary to get to the truth.

Automobile accidents are far too common, and ultimately, what we can take away from these cases is an important reminder to be aware of our surroundings, pay attention to other drivers, and avoid distractions while driving.

If you or your family member does find yourself in a car crash, no matter the cause, we hope that you will immediately get help from the Loewy team. We go above and beyond to make sure that maximum compensation is recovered. You can call us at (512) 280-0800 for a free consultation at any time.