5 Bike Safety Tips

washed-out-traffic-car-lights-lowey-law-firmThe number of bikes and pedicabs in Austin street traffic are ever-increasing. While sometimes there’s safety in numbers, it’s important to each bike rider to exercise the utmost caution when sharing the road with vehicles.

Don’t Swerve Unexpectedly

As much as you can help it, drive in a straight line. Cars don’t look out for things like gutters and drains like bikers do, so when bikers swing out into traffic it can take cars off-guard.

Follow the Law

You are a vehicle in the eyes of the law, which means you are still supposed to follow the same traffic laws. Yes, that even means speeding. So stop at stop signs, don’t zip by open bus doors, and stop for people in crosswalks.

Avoid Dark Colors

Austin has a lot of hipsters, which means there’s a lot of black Tshirts. However, biking in dark clothing, especially at night, can be asking for trouble. Whenever you can, wear colorful clothing that won’t let you blend into the night. If anything, have some reflectors on your bike.


If only everyone on the road used their signals correctly. As someone on a bike, make sure to clearly show your intended direction. Be it raising your arm like the old fashioned way or simply pointing, signaling is a safe way to make sure other drivers are on the same page as you.

Safety in Numbers

Take a hint from motorcyclists and ride in a pack when possible. This helps drivers clearly see you and your buddies on the road. It also will make it harder for cars to try to pass by too close for comfort.