5 Signs Your Child May Be a Victim of Daycare Negligence

Many daycare facilities have good intentions and prioritize your child’s safety and wellbeing. However, there are unfortunately some daycares that are negligent and irresponsible in taking care of your child while you are away, and it could result in physical, emotional or psychological harm to your child. These are the five most common signs of daycare negligence and abuse:

  1. Bruising or Injuries


One time, it could have just been a trip or fall. But if you see your child coming home with bruises on many occasions, perpetually or consistently, there is a good chance that something is happening while you are away. Whether the daycare providers are not ensuring that the environment is safe, or they aren’t watching your child closely enough to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself, seeing bruises, cuts, scratches, etc on your child is one of the best indicators of day care neglect.

  1. Dirty or Messy

If you send your child to the daycare looking adorable but your child comes home looking dirty or messy (again, on multiple or repeated occasions), it might be because the environment that they are playing in is dirty and messy. Negligent day cares won’t do a sufficient job in cleaning up the areas that they let the kids play in, making it a dirty playpen that could be dangerous to your child’s health. If they come home with torn clothing, the daycare could be letting the children play with dangerous and inappropriate toys

  1. Fighting

If your child is reported or reports fighting frequently with children, it might be the result of a poor temper, but it might also be the result of a negligent employee or understaffing. If there are not enough employees to properly maintain the facility and watch over the children, your child could end up in more unpreferable circumstances that could provoke or result in fighting. If the supervisors do not have the attention, time or care to break up the fight, it could result in injuries.

  1. Withdrawn

Some children, when neglected and abused, will become withdrawn. If you notice this behavior as highly unusual in your child, you may want to investigate the daycare.

  1. Hunger or Thirst

Negligent daycares will fail or forget to feed the children. If your child comes home always extremely hungry or thirsty, this may be a result of negligence.


If you suspect that your child’s daycare is neglecting your child, you should take action as soon as possible. Negligent daycares need to be held responsible for the harm they are doing to our children. Contact the Loewy Law Firm today for a free consultation.