$520,000 Settlement Obtained in Boat Crash Case

The Loewy Law Firm is proud to announce it has secured a $520,000 settlement on behalf of two Austin residents who were injured in a boat crash on Lake Dunlap.  The significant settlement was obtained in part due to the quick investigative work of the Loewy Law Firm, a skill we take particular pride in.

In the spring of 2013, our clients were boating on Lake Dunlap in the evening when another boat slammed into them.  The boat then sped away.  The driver of the boat was later caught by police and he was given a citation for leaving the scene of the crash.  Our clients waited a number of months to call a lawyer but when they retained us, we quickly went to work and discovered that the driver of the boat had a very lengthy criminal and a very lengthy social media history.

Specifically, we discovered the Defendant’s Twitter account, which included Tweets after the crash signaling he had been drinking and on drugs.  This Twitter account has also had numerous tweets about other criminal activity and a general disregard for the safety of the community.  We quickly secured this evidence and also obtained evidence that this young man’s parents knew of his brazen behavior.

We filed suit and presented this evidence to the insurance companies.  They quickly wanted to resolve the case and we were able to obtain a very significant settlement less than 5 months after filing suit.  This quick settlement was without question due to the intensive investigation we did after being hired – this is something we do on every case and it distinguishes us from many other personal injury law firms, who simply sign cases and don’t work on them for months.  We do the opposite: the moment we are hired, we start working – and in this case, justice was done swiftly and soundly.