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  • Adam Loewy appears on Fox 7 to discuss COVID restrictions, Texas politics, crime

Adam Loewy appears on Fox 7 to discuss COVID restrictions, Texas politics, crime

AUSTIN, TX – Austin personal injury attorney Adam Loewy recently appeared on Good Day Austin to discuss possible new COVID restrictions, Texas Democrats’ efforts to deny state Republicans a legislative quorum, and a recent string of high-profile violent crimes in Austin.

Responding to host Casey Claiborne’s comments about the Delta variant and Gov. Greg Abbott’s opposition to mask mandates, Loewy predicted another protracted legal fight between the City of Austin and the State of Texas. He believes the city is likely to press forward on mask requirements as a way to combat rising COVID hospitalizations among the unvaccinated, which will in turn lead to lawsuits from a state whose executive branch has committed itself to challenging mandates on constitutional grounds.

The next topic of discussion was the Texas House Democratic Caucus’s recent flight to Washington, DC, a move made in order to deny State Republicans the quorum necessary for them to move forward with restrictive new voting laws, and to bring national media attention to the issue. Loewy argued that Republicans in the statehouse have the votes necessary to pass the legislation over Democrats’ objections, and that the THDC is merely delaying the inevitable while risking bad optics at home.

Finally, Claiborne asked Loewy about the rising trend of violent crime in Austin, particularly a recent fatal shooting near 6th Street. Loewy placed some of the blame on policies pursued by the City Council and reductions to the Austin Police Department’s budget. He also pointed out that the political response to violent crimes in the city is primarily focused on the occasional high-profile murder, at the expense of the less dramatic but far more frequent instances of violence suffered by poorer communities and people of color. Furthermore, Loewy expects crime to be a salient issue by election season.