Adam Loewy Appears on KVUE to discuss TASER Case

Adam Loewy appeared on KVUE last night to discuss the latest developments in a high profile TASER case our law firm is handling.  The case involves the Tasing of a young man named Noe Nino de Rivera, who was TASED in a hallway in Cedar Creek High School in November.

As a survelliance video shows, Noe was not being aggressive or doing anything wrong yet he was unjustifiably Tased by Bastrop Sheriff Deputy Randy McMillan.  As a result of the Tasing, Noe fell back, slammed his head, and sustained a very serious Traumatic Brain Injury.  He was in a coma for 52 days and is currently in an inpatient brain injury rehabilitation center.

We have filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against McMillan and Bastrop and three things are about to happen:

1.  Bastrop Grand Jury.  On May 13, a Bastrop DA will present this case to a Bastrop Grand Jury to see if McMillan violated any laws when he TASED Noe.  For a variety of reasons, as Adam Loewy explains in the KVUE piece, we do not believe anything will happen at the local level.

2.  Federal Investigation.  There is an ongoing Federal criminal investigation into this incident coordinated by the Department of Justice.  We are cautiously optimistic this will result in punishment for McMillan, for violating Noe’s civil rights.

3.  Internal Investigation.  After the Bastrop Grand Jury rules, the Bastrop Sheriff Terry Pickering has stated he may do internal discipline for McMillan.  We will see what happens in this regard.

Above all, we are moving forward with the Federal Civil Rights case and it is our hope we can get our client compensated for this horrible and life-altering incident, which never should have happened.