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Adam Loewy discusses Round Rock Tasing Incident on Fox News Austin


Adam Loewy, owner of the Loewy Law Firm, appeared on Fox News Austin last night to discuss the Tasing of a Round Rock High School student.  The student was attempting to break up a fight in the high school and a school resource officer (SRO) tased him.  Thankfully, it appears the student did not get hurt.  Nonetheless, we believe there is simply no reason SROs should be using Tasers in high schools.

We represent Noe Nino de Rivera, a Cedar Creek High School student who Tased last November and who slammed his head on the floor.  As a result, he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spent 52 days in a medically induced coma.  He is now a full-time brain injury rehabilitation center and faces a very long road to recovery.

Tasers are very dangerous weapons and should not be used against high school students.  There are other options police officers should use before resorting to Tasers.  Our firm specializes in both brain injury cases and civil rights cases and have seen the first hand devastating consequences of Tasing children.  It must stop.

The news clip can be found here: