Adam Loewy Speaks on Good Business and Living Well at TAPS

Attorney Adam Loewy

This morning, Adam Loewy presented the opening speech for the Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar.

This annual conference, attended by over 400 paralegals including the Loewy Law Firm team, is an opportunity for legal professionals to develop their skills, network, and pursue the latest legal innovations and tips.

Adam Loewy’s compelling speech revolved around the business side of a law firm—best practices, practical advice, and thought-provoking examples that he has cultivated from ten years of experience running a successful law firm.

While many of the points were specific to paralegals, quite a few surpassed the legal arena and encompassed ways for any company or individual to thrive. Writing down goals (80% more effective, studies show), starting each Monday with a thoughtful and forward-thinking meeting, and working with focus and speed were among the tips that Adam shared. The way he runs the Loewy Law Firm has created an environment in which happiness is up and stress is down.

When thinking about the challenges that law firms or any business face, Adam stressed the importance of not letting things get mired down in waiting time. Waiting is a part of life, but it is essential to start immediately, set deadlines, and have everything put together for that last piece of the puzzle. This mindset has allowed our firm to move cases along very quickly. Our clients are consistently happy with the results. This efficiency means closure and the ability to move forward.

Adam Loewy is a noted speaker and legal analyst whose insight has been sought out by the media as well as organizations such as TAPS. He attributes his success to working with great people, setting and writing down goals, and constantly evaluating the best way to move forward with momentum.

The Loewy Law Firm is committed to living well and thriving. We care about good business practices, which means that our team can be fully devoted to our clients. If you need legal assistance for an injury or would like to discuss your case with a caring expert, please call our firm today at 512.280.0800.