Alleged Overserving Means Lawsuit for Local Establishments

AUSTIN, TX – You know when you are intoxicated, and when one more is going to be one too many. Unfortunately, not everyone stops drinking when they should. This is especially true when in an establishment that continues to pour drinks when the well should have run dry.

Two men have filed suit against Moontower Saloon and Alamo Drafthouse, claiming that both bars served too much alcohol to a woman who ultimately drove the wrong way on a street, crashing into the men’s vehicle.

On June 19, 2015, Victoria Garcia, 22, crashed her car into one being driven by Benjamin and Robert Barton. Garcia was killed at the scene. According to the lawsuit filed, Garcia was provided and/or served alcoholic beverages despite her obvious level of intoxication. The suit goes on to say that Garcia clearly posed a danger to herself or others.

At the request of the Austin Police, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is looking into the details of the case. The group is speaking to witnesses and pulling video footage in an attempt to determine the time line of the incident. The commission is also trying to determine whether any patron was overserved.

Not only did Garcia lose her life in this tragic accident, but both Bartons sustained life threatening injuries. The father and son pair are seeking damages for physical pain and suffering, loss of earnings, medical care and mental anguish. The exact amount sought is not known.

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