Austin Judge Will Not Face DWI Charges

Charges against Judge Gisela Triana of Austin have been reduced to speeding. Triana will not be forced to answer to the original charge of driving while intoxicated, stemming from her March 20 arrest.

According to reports of the incident, Triana was driving a Chevrolet Suburban 47 mph in a 30-mph zone. Officers initiated a traffic stop and subsequently arrested her for DWI. Triana admitted to having had four drinks, and an open bottle of alcohol was located in her vehicle.

Triana refused blood or breath alcohol tests, but the judge did complete four field sobriety tests. Triana failed those tests. A blood draw was performed on Triana later that night after a warrant was issued for same.

According to Travis County Attorney David Escamilla, “The evidence was lacking to prove the DWI offense beyond a reasonable doubt. The video taken that night of Judge Triana performing the standard sobriety tests show her performing those tests within the perimeters of a person having normal use of their physical and mental faculties.”

Escamilla’s statement went on to state that Triana would be charged with speeding and given a recommended $100 fine and court costs. Escamilla stated that the judge was being treated no better or worse than any other citizen when the facts did not support the charges filed.

An emailed statement from Triana read, “I have learned several valuable lessons, but most importantly, I have learned that I must be more careful when consuming alcohol. I have always thought I was responsible with alcohol, but the reality is that I was unnecessarily careless that evening. I will certainly be more careful in the future.”

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