Best Things to Do In Austin

Austin Texas sunsetWhether you have lived in Austin all your life or are visiting our beautiful city and wondering what to do or see, we have some great ideas for you. Here are 10 of the best things to do in Austin this year.

1. State Capitol

Visit the breathtaking state capitol building. It is the oldest surviving building housing a state office and is truly a sight to behold for anyone who loves history and architecture. Tours are free during business hours Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays and Sundays at specific times.

2. Baylor Street Art Wall

There are some things to see and do in Austin that simply capture the essence of the city and this is one of them. It was originally planned as a condo project, but the project never materialized. Today, it is a constantly changing canvas for local artists.

3. Rocket Electrics

Forget driving a car around the city. Rocket Electrics gives you the opportunity to rent electric-powered bikes. You don’t need to pedal! Just start the bike, hop on and steer. It is a fantastic way to get around town and take your own tour.

4. Congress Avenue BATS

Visit the Congress Bridge from Spring to early Fall. Be sure to make your way to the bridge at dusk so you can watch the bats take flight, one by one, until you witness a steady stream of the beloved animals take off in search of food.

5. Austin Panic Room

Panic rooms are becoming popular all over the United States. This one in Austin gives gamers a realistic, and sometimes stressful, experience. You are locked in a room, given multiple puzzles and challenges, and 60 minutes. Can you escape?

6. Zilker Park

This is a must for dog lovers. The 351-acre park is dog friendly and lies right in the heart of Austin. There are several activities to enjoy, such as hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking. You, your dog and your family are sure to have a fabulous afternoon.

7. Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Imagine seeing the city from above. Take a thrilling adventure along a zipline and see Lake Travis spread out beneath your feet. This exhilarating journey is perfect for anyone who is brave enough to take part.

8. Brewery Tours

Tour a local brewery or two while you are in town. Taking the Austin Brew Bus is your best bet if you aren’t exactly sure what you want to see. The bus stops at the most popular local breweries.

9. Get Your Eat On

Austin is home to several amazing restaurants. Some of our favorites include Elizabeth Street Cafe, Justine’s and East Side Pies.

10. Mount Bonnell

Considered the highest point in Austin, Mount Bonnell is a popular tourist destination. Climb to the top for an amazing view of the city below.

There is virtually no end to the things you can see or do in Austin. It doesn’t matter if you have lived here all your life or are visiting town for the weekend. Jump in the car or lace up your sneakers and go find something to enjoy.

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