Most Common Causes of Forklift Accidents

There are approximately 1 million forklifts in operation in the country. There are also 1.5 million truck operators. The United States is one of the largest lift distributors on the planet. With warehouse industry jobs growing ever year, forklifts aren’t going anywhere in the near future.

Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of heavy equipment in operation in the country, accidents happen. Here are the most common causes of forklift accidents.

1. Poor Training

The leading cause of these accidents is poor operator training. Someone driving the forklift may not know how to respond to a hazard. Inventory changes, layout differences and wandering employees can all pose a hazard to the untrained driver.

2. Speeding

Many people don’t picture forklifts as humming across a surface, but they can go too fast. OSHA advises forklift operators to keep their speed to 5 mph or lower.

3. Improper Turning

Forklifts are the most balanced when they are carrying a heavy load. When empty, they are easy to overturn. Taking a turn too quickly can result in a toppling forklift.

4. Elevated Loads

Whether it is laziness or a lack of training is uncertain. There are many accidents caused by operators who choose not to lower their loads to the ground. Carrying a load too high can cause the forklift to become unbalanced.

5. Giving Rides

Forklifts are not toys. They are also not meant for two people. Under no circumstances should the operator of a forklift be transporting another person.

6. Workplace Design

Don’t just purchase any forklift for your business. Make sure the one that you choose is designed to work with your layout. There are forklifts built specifically for narrow-aisle lifting. Speak with the salesperson before deciding on the model that is right for you. Choosing the wrong machine can pose a risk to anyone who operates it.

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