Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that pedestrian accidents are the cause of more than 4,000 deaths each year. They are also the cause of over 70,000 injuries. One of the ways that pedestrian accidents can be reduced is to understand what causes them, and a variety of entities have invested large amounts of money to determine just why pedestrians are involved in so many accidents.

Here are the top causes of pedestrian accidents in the United States:

1. Failure to stop. When a vehicle fails to stop or comes to a rolling stop at an intersection, pedestrians are put at risk. People off begin to cross an intersection a bit early, assuming that a car that is supposed to stop will do so.

2. Speeding. Speeding cars may fail to stop for pedestrians in a timely manner. Even slamming on the brakes cannot prevent all accidents.

3. Drunk drivers. Drunk drivers have reduced reaction time. That reduction in time can cause vehicle drivers to strike pedestrians when they would not have done so had they been sober.

4. Inexperienced drivers. Drivers who don’t have experience behind the wheel may be more likely to cause accidents, including those involving pedestrians.

5. Distracted driving. Taking your eyes off of the road for even a few seconds means that you covered the length of a football field without knowing it. Imagine how much you miss.

6. Passing buses. It is illegal to pass a bus when its yellow or red lights are on, yet people do it. Take your time and pay attention when you are near a school bus.

7. Illegal U-turns. U-turns are illegal for a reason: They are dangerous. It is just as easy to turn around in a driveway or even drive around a block.

8. Pedestrian negligence. Sometimes, pedestrians are the cause of their own accidents. Failing to use marked crosswalks and darting out in front of vehicles are the most common ways that pedestrians cause accidents with vehicles.

Being struck by a vehicle can have very serious consequences for someone walking on their own two feet. If you commute on foot or walk for pleasure, pay attention to your surroundings. Always make eye contact with drivers to be sure they see you, and be sure to stick to sidewalks and marked crosswalks. Doing these things can help ensure that you get where you are going safely.

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