Concerns About Safety Surround Boating Accident

AUSTIN, TX – A deadly boat crash occurred on Lake Austin on October 11, and residents are voicing their concerns that dock construction has made the lake more dangerous for boaters and other operators of water craft.

According to area homeowner Erin McClusky, the area on the water is now very narrow due to the construction. Boats and jet skis trying to pass one another get too close to each other and to the dock as well. “It can be really dangerous,” McCluskey said.

The building permit for the boat dock was granted in April. Neighbors began to fight its construction last year. Unfortunately, their concerns seem to have fallen upon deaf ears.

“There’s a restrictive covenant that said you couldn’t build a boat dock there and the city went ahead and let them. The restrictive covenant was required by the city in 1980 when they issued the subdivision class for Rob Roy. We never understood why the city let them build a boat dock there because there’s a restricted covenant,” said area resident Tom Price.

Austin police do enforce no wake zones in coves and designated swimming areas on the lake. They cannot, however, enforce ‘no wake’ regulations within 50 feet of the shoreline because it is not within their power to do so.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. One thing is for certain, area residents were afraid that something like this would happen and sadly, their fears became reality.

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