Deadly Car Crash in North Austin

Deadly Car Crash in North Austin Could Result in a Wrongful Death Claim

This morning, a tragic car accident left an Austin man dead and two people in custody. You can read the original story here on KVUE.

Austin police are investigating the car crash, which involved two vehicles and happened in North Austin between Parmer Lane and Lamplight Village Avenue.

Initial reports from the scene say that two people fled on foot but were chased by police and brought into custody. They are currently at University Medical Center Brackenridge being treated for minor injuries.

The reports do not state whether this car accident was the result of drunk driving or driving under the influence. If it becomes clear that the two in custody are at fault for either negligence to prevent harm or willful wrongful actions such as drinking or texting, they will be liable for the death of the Austin man.

The man’s family will be faced with the emotional trauma and financial hardship of their loved one’s death. What are my rights after an accident? In this case and similar cases, it is important to conduct a full investigation and take legal action quickly. This ensures that the proper steps are taken and nothing is hidden or covered up by unclear police reports or uncooperative insurance companies.

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