Details Released in October Boat Crash

A boat crash took the lives of two people on October 11. A report has been released providing more details of the accident than were originally released.

According to the newly released report, Shawn Hurwitz was operating the vessel when it crashed into a construction barge. The barge had been a topic of contention among local residents who were worried about the dangers that it posed. Toxicology studies show that Hurwitz had consumed alcohol prior to the crash.

Jennifer Walley was killed along with Hurwitz. The report states that all parties aboard the boat, five in total, were consuming alcohol prior to the vessel meeting with the barge. There were partially consumed bottles of liquor aboard the boat. The official cause of death for both adults is listed as “trauma.” The three remaining passengers on the boat were taken to local hospitals and treated for their injuries.

The report also states that there were life jackets on board, as required by law, but that no one was wearing them. The boat was traveling at an estimated 40-plus miles per hour, a speed considered too fast for the area.

There have been no lawsuits filed in the aftermath of the crash, but a local news station has confirmed that the family of Walley has retained an attorney.

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