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Driver in Accident Charged with DWI

AUSTIN, TX – Last Monday, a driver caused an accident that claimed the life of a teenager. He has now been formally charged with DWI.

According to reports, John Ramirez, 28, admitted to police that he had consumed three beers at a local tavern before heading off down South Congress Avenue in his vehicle. He met up with three friends after leaving the Red Shed Tavern to go off-roading near Southpark Meadows shopping center.

As the men were driving their vehicles, the one that Ramirez was driving flipped over and caught fire. Ramirez was able to exit the vehicle as were two of his passengers. A third passenger was trapped inside the car and perished. The person killed was identified as Joshua Otto, 16.

Police reports indicate that the property is unrestricted and owned by Southpark Meadows. Because there are no homes on the land, it is a popular area among those like Ramirez and his friends, looking for a good time.

Ramirez was charged with driving while intoxicated on Wednesday and taken to Travis County Jail. He was released after he posted a $25,000 bail.

Officials say that this death is just the latest to befall the local school district. Six current and former students have died since October.

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