Eight of the Most Common Driving Distractions

It is one thing to drive defensively, and another to drive alongside a distracted driver. Reckless driving, swerving, and sometimes even below minimum speeds are expected. Are you a distracted driver? Know the ten most common distractions that could endanger you and the others around you.


The very premise of daydreaming is that it takes you to another ‘world’ that is different from where you currently are. The problem is, in that ‘world’ you may not be driving a car at the moment. Worse, there are no alarms in this ‘world’ which would alert you that you’re already on the wrong side of the road.

Eating and Drinking

Although eating and drinking in itself does not require a lot of senses taken away from the road, it’s the nuances that could cause trouble: spilling coffee on your lap, the big burger crumbling down and spreading sauces on your clothes, or looking for the cup holder to place down your soda. Worse, greasy food can cause slippery hands on the wheel.

Fixing Up and Grooming

It appears this is what the mirror in the front visor is for, but not when the vehicle is moving and you are driving. Though it seems like putting on makeup, or even shaving or putting on hair gel while driving saves time, it is actually the contrary according to research. Multitasking may cause a noticeable decrease in performance when two things are done simultaneously. Don’t let that be your driving.  car-accident-loewy-law-firm-austin-texas

Pets and Kids

The presence of kids and pets that need to be talked to and petted may also cause distractions. What could also happen in their presence is that they will tinker with everything they see in the car, and wreak havoc on your air fresheners, tissues and even stuffed documents.


Sometimes there are days when no amount of sleep is enough, and there is just not enough energy to keep alert while driving. A surprisingly high percentage of drivers, 41% have confessed to falling asleep while driving.

Audio and Video Distractions

To connect gadgets to your car, you need to press a couple of buttons here and there, ensuring you hit Bluetooth instead of temperature. The attention that these need will sometimes take your eyes off the road for an extended period of time.

Billboards and Advertisements

The main reason billboards are out there are to attract attention. At times, their means are too extreme and may cause drivers to stare longer than usual and cause accidents. Sometimes, some billboards or advertisements emit really bright lights especially at night, where looking at them could actually even lead to blurred vision temporarily.

Social Media

Selfies, checking in your location, letting everyone know that you’re driving – these are just some of the common posts we see nowadays on social media. It still takes a couple of clicks and swipes to post an update – not to mention the possibility of seeing your friends’ updates on your news feed.

Nowadays, it is said that distracted driving is the new drunk driving. Don’t be a victim of distracted driving by a reckless individual sharing the road with you. Contact the Loewy Law Firm for a free, no obligation consultation.