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Family with Local Ties Involved in Accident

downtown Phoenix PHOENIX, AZ – A family with local ties was killed in an accident in Phoenix, and the family is enduring understandable grief.

According to reports from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Durjuana Miller, 39, was driving with her four sons that ranged in age from infancy to eight years. She drove off of Interstate 10, plunging to the ground below. All of the people in the car were killed.

Officials from the DPS are not sure why Miller drove off of the overpass. It has been reported that she was driving at a high rate of speed. Miller crashed through a concrete barrier and the car was launched over a second barrier. The car ultimately came to rest when it struck a chain-link fence.

Family members are understandably heartbroken. Kendra Fresch, of Pflugerville, wrote a statement on Thursday, after the news of her mother’s death was made known. “My heart and my soul is gone. My love, my pride, my joy is all gone and never coming back.”

The investigation into the cause of the accident is on-going.

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