Fatal South Congress Car Crash

Early Sunday morning, a fatal accident occurred when a pickup collided with two stopped vehicles.

The truck and auto accident, on South Congress and Lightsey, is under investigation. A pickup and a car were stopped at this intersection. Police at the accident scene reported that the driver of the GMC was traveling at a high rate of speed and tried to drive in between the two cars.

The GMC pickup driver died, and the other drivers were taken to the hospital.

Initial reports point to speeding as the cause for the read-end accidents. These collisions, especially on the weekends, are usually the result of unsafe lane changes, texting while driving, or drinking and driving.

Recovering compensation in these claims can be difficult, even in cases where liability is clear. Depending on the severity of their injuries, the injured drivers will be faced with medical bills and rehabilitative care bills.

It is important that these victims seek skilled legal help with their claims. Insurance adjusters often hire defense attorneys to underpay or avoid paying for claims. We recommend legal help for a few reasons—we investigate the crash thoroughly, we provide support throughout the recovery process, and we analyze and aggressively pursue every form of compensation. Adam Loewy personally works on every case that we represent, and he brings over ten years of experience to cases like this.

We wish the victims a speedy recovery and send our sympathies to the family of the deceased driver.