For Your Peace of Mind – Choosing a Nursing Home

Finding a nursing home for our elderly is not an easy task. To entrust our loved ones to the care of medical professionals is more bitter than sweet, although it is in everyone’s best interest. Hence, ensuring that we find the best facilities is of utmost importance. But what makes a good nursing home?

Convenience and location

Sending a loved one to a nursing home is by no means easier with every day that passes. Therefore, the accessibility and knowledge that they are just a short distance ride away is one consideration when choosing a nursing home. Choose one that is accessible to family, friends and other peers.

nursinghomeApart from accessibility, we need to ensure that the facility is ready to handle emergency situations. Ask questions about how they have handled such situations in the past, and what have they learned to improve on things. A blurry, ambiguous answer should raise red flags – a nursing home that has experienced such events would clearly know the answer.

Also, observe the nursing home facilities – are there smoke detectors and fire extinguishers available? Do they have security cameras on public areas and are there guards on duty? These things should add more peace of mind at the moment our loved ones begin to stay there.

High quality services and amenities

Every individual who sends, and is sent to a nursing home would want the following: enjoyment, safety, comfort, security, and of course happiness. These can be achieved by selecting the nursing home with the best services offered. First and foremost, it is important to ask about the credentials of the nursing home staff – do they receive ongoing training, are they specialized to handle specific types of conditions and illnesses?

Even ask about the meals they receive – are they being monitored by a nutritionist, are there special diets for say, diabetics, what are the things being done to ensure the meals are balanced and proportioned? Furthermore, ask the authorities if they have social workers available, as usually they help assist the transition from a personal home to a nursing home.

Also, ask for the other amenities available – the goal is to make life seem as normal as possible, so it should have a ‘neighborhood’ or ‘community’ feel to it. Are there laundry services, regular housekeeping and maintenance, and available transportation? Other amenities that can be asked if available are communication services, gift shops, and even salons.


Just because the services are top-notch, doesn’t mean the price should be sky high. Ask the nursing home facility about their terms – can the entrance fee be refunded, do the services come with no additional fees? Also, you could ask about how the nursing home facility helps their residents handle and manage their own finances. Lastly, it is of course imperative that questions about insurance and health cards are asked – do they honor and accept them?

It may be a bittersweet event, but finding the right facility should bring at least some level of peace to us. If you know anyone who may be having problems with their nursing home facility, contact The Loewy Law Firm to set a plan in action.