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Google Cars In the News Again

Google’s self-driving cars are in the news again. This time it is because Google has released its monthly report on the goings-on of these driverless cars. With more than a dozen of these cars on Austin streets, the report is one that we are all interested in.

In most reports, there is little in the way of news. Google has spent millions making sure these cars are safe, and it shows. It’s important to remember that these cars are still learning to drive themselves. Maybe not literally, but the cars are relatively new to the streets and need to get used to them.

The month of November was relatively stress-free for these robots on wheels. In total, the cars drive between 10,000 and 15,000 miles each week. The most notable event listed for November was the traffic stop in which a driverless car was accused of driving too slowly. Google noted that the cars are programmed to drive more carefully when they detect flashing lights or sirens.

The report outlined how the cars are learning. For example, the vehicles are learning when and how to make turns on red, are learning how to monitor crosswalks, and are beginning to creep forward to get a better look at any traffic that may be coming toward them.

There was one accident last month, but it was not the fault of the driverless car. A car, driven by a human, rear ended the Google car, causing minor damage to both cars.

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