Growing Death Rate of Little Children Being Hit By Cars

Many remember when they were little and hide and go seek was one of the most fun a child could have playing a game. Kids would hide behind trees, bushes, and cars thinking that they were invisible to the world. Unfortunately because of the size of children, and the much larger size of the cars, drivers are unable to see the children and many of them are being injured or killed as a result. This is a tragic event for any parent to have to go through, the loss of a loved one, let alone a little one who has barely experienced life yet. One of the most dangerous situations that children can be in is when they walk through parking lots. Cars will promise that they looked both left and right and behind before backing up their car, and yet a little one can still be hit with the driver unaware.

According to the statistics given by Kids and Cars, there are at least 48 children sent to the hospital a week for these types of back over accidents, 2 of those resulting in death. Out of these accidents per week, 60% of those are with vehicles that are larger than the average sedan such as a truck or SUV. Do you know someone that has lost a little child because of the tragic event of being run over by a car who claims to have not seen them? At Loewy Law Firm, we understand that this is such a difficulty situation to have to go through, and no one can ever fill the void inside. We do believe that in the event the driver was negligent and the accident could have been prevented that as a family you deserve compensation for your loss.

In the fortunate circumstance that your little child survived and still received any form of injury from the accident there is still a cause to seek justice. When fighting for the loss or injury of a loved one, it may lead to the education of others around, to know how to be more aware of their car surroundings. One step from you could change the lives of so many others. Our firm is committed to fighting for the lives of those who can no longer fight for themselves, and for the families that are left to suffer. Don’t waste another minute before you take action, stand up for your child in a way that they could not. Contact our personal injury law firm today for a free case evaluation, and take the next step towards moving forward from this trial. Loewy Law Firm wants to help you and your family get the justice your lost loved one deserves!