Handling a Holiday Dog Bite

Good dogs bite. It’s a simple statement and a true one. You don’t have to be jogging down the road to be bitten by a dog. You can be visiting a friend and petting a familiar dog and still receive a puncture wound. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, pets can get nervous and out of sorts. If you will be partying the year away to welcome the new, be wary of any pets that you may run into.

Why Good Dogs Bite

Any dog will bite under different circumstances. A dog may be feeing under the weather, it could be injured, or it may be stressed out. A dog that has never shown its teeth could lash out unexpectedly if it is feeling nervous or frightened.

Interacting with Dogs

Let’s say that you are going to a family member’s or friend’s home to ring in the New Year. You know their dog well. You should still wait for it to approach you. Do not chase after a dog to give it all of the love that is in your heart. A confident dog or one who wants attention will approach you first. Wait for it to happen before your reach out to give the dog a friendly pat.

Leave It Alone

If you notice a dog to be retreating or hiding, leave it alone. Never try to pet a dog that is sleeping, eating or generally not paying attention. You run the risk of startling the animal and being bitten. If a dog appears to be seeking a bit of solitude, respect its feelings.

What to Do If You Are Bit

If you are bitten by a dog, seek medical attention immediately. Left untreated, dog bites can quickly turn into infected wounds that require intensive medical care. Do not worry about your friend or family member getting in trouble. Your health is more important.

Being bitten by a dog is always cause for concern. It is also avoidable if you know how to interact with canines. Never assume that a dog you know will not bite you. Even good dogs bite.

If you are bitten by a dog this holiday season, you may be entitled to compensation that you were not aware of. Call our offices and let our team of experienced dog bite attorney review the details of your case at no cost to you. We will advise you how to best proceed. Call now.

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