Austin Judge Will Not Face DWI Charges


Charges against Judge Gisela Triana of Austin have been reduced to speeding. Triana will not be forced to answer to the original charge of driving while intoxicated, stemming from her March 20 arrest. According to reports of the incident, Triana was driving a Chevrolet Suburban 47 mph in a 30-mph zone. Officers initiated a traffic stop and subsequently arrested her for DWI. Triana admitted to having had four drinks, and an open bottle of alcohol was located in her vehicle. Triana refused blood or breath alcohol tests, but the judge did complete four field sobriety tests. Triana… Read More

Austin Needs More ‘No Refusal’ Weekends: Crash Leading to $600,000 Settlement is Proof

The Austin Police Department conducts a July 4th “No Refusal” weekend every year. Many people grumble about the strict measures. However, anyone who has been affected by a drunk driver knows the terrible repercussions of drunk driving. Our personal injury law firm specializes in catastrophic injuries. Some of the worst we have seen? From drunk driving accidents. Two Austin women were driving when a truck slammed into them. The truck belonged to a local Austin company and was driven by one of their employees. The two women suffered painful injuries and were rushed to the ER. The aftermath of… Read More

Climate Change May Be Reason for Floods

hurricane Ike

Climate change is not a new topic. Global warming has been in the news for more than a decade. While scientists point to climate change as a major cause for shifts in weather like those that put Austin underwater, politicians remain skeptical. The recent floods in Texas have left 15 people dead and 12 others missing. According to climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, these floods are evidence of what is happening with our planet. “We have observed an increase of heavy rain events, at least in the South-Central United States, including Texas. And it’s consistent with what we would expect from… Read More

How to Assist Flood Victims in Austin

water under the bridge

AUSTIN, TX – People in Austin and other areas of Texas have experienced extreme flooding. These floods have ruined homes, vehicles, and property. If you want to provide aid to these victims, you may be wondering how. Anyone who wants to help Central Texas flood victims can do so safely through these agencies. American Red Cross of Central Texas You can make a donation through the American Red Cross using your debit or credit card in several ways. The organization accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Donate through phone by calling (800) 928-4271. Automatically donate $10 by texting… Read More

Why Larry Jackson Jr. Matters

Depositions Begin in the Historic Civil Rights Case On July 26, 2013, Larry Jackson Jr., a 32-year-old-old native of Austin, Texas, was brutally beaten and shot to death by APD Detective Charles Kleinert. A Travis County Grand Jury subsequently indicted Kleinert for Manslaughter and he will go on trial for this crime later this year. Our law firm has the distinct honor of representing Larry’s parents in an ongoing civil rights case against Kleinert and the City of Austin. This week, we will start taking depositions of City leaders who have knowledge about what happened when… Read More

Loewy Law Helps Keep Austin Well

We are proud to support Keep Austin Well! Join us Saturday for Austin MD’s annual health and wellness fair. Live music, yoga, health screenings, and more. Event info & RSVP Our practice is dedicated to helping injured Texans get their lives back on track after a traumatic injury or death of a loved one. We are proud to be a part of this event. Adam Loewy has dedicated his career to helping people recover physically and emotionally from a serious injury, and then obtaining the most possible money for them. We have a large network of… Read More

Less Cumbersome Commuting in Austin

downtown austin

We know how difficult it can be making it through the city to get to work. We have all experienced the headache of congested streets and bumper-to-bumper traffic. That is why we are excited by Movability Austin and the work the group is doing. Every one of us here at Loewy Law Firm can get behind any idea that makes it easier to get to work safely and efficiently. So what is Movability Austin? What it is not is a ride to work. It is not transportation of any kind. Instead, it is a group of… Read More

Just Keep Livin’ in Austin

famous actor

We empathize with anyone who has lost a loved one. We all know the grief that people experience with the death of a family member. It’s when that grief is turned into something that is proactive and positive, we like to share the news. Most of us know Matthew McConaughey. Well…we don’t know him, but we’ve seen him in movies, in print, and, most recently, fun-to-spoof car commercials. On Friday, a group of Austin high school students got to know the man a bit better up close and in person. McConaughey arrived in Austin with his Airstream… Read More

Austin Fire Department Welcomes Robots


The future is closer than you may think. While many of us are living more like the Jetson’s than Little House on the Prairie, we still possess the ability to be amazed and impressed. The latest in interesting technology? Life-saving robots. If you were near the Govalle Water Plant on Friday, you may have thought there was a fire. You would have been wrong. Members of the Austin Fire Department’s Robotic Emergency Deployment team were out in full force practicing with their newest employees. The AFD has been working diligently to perfect their robot-controlling skills in order to save the… Read More

Mighty Texas Dog Walk a Huge Hit

Each member of the team at Loewy Law Firm has causes that are near and dear to our hearts. Because providing aid to those in need is just one of those causes, we would like to share an event with you that took place Saturday morning. The day before Easter saw thousands of people and their pets flock to South Austin to take part in the 17th annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk. Why? Because the dog walk supports service dogs, their people, and the training it takes to create… Read More