One Year Anniversary of School TASER Incident

One year ago today, a young man was tasered at school by a Texas Deputy. A video of the school hallway shows he was not disobeying, fighting, holding weapons, hitting anyone, or behaving aggressively. He spent fifty-two days in a coma with severe traumatic brain injuries. He needed multiple emergency surgeries. He missed almost two months of his life—including the upcoming holiday season with his family. Today, this young man, Noe Niño de Rivera, has recovered remarkably. On his Facebook, he posted about the past year: “Today is a year since I was stepping on the line… Read More

Alex Hermann’s Story

The Loewy Law Firm is very honored to be able to help 9-year-old Alex Hermann and his family. In August, Alex was struck by lightning while playing youth soccer. Alex came very close to death but thankfully survived. However, he has suffered catastrophic injuries and faces years of recovery. Recently, a front page article in the Austin-American Statesman and a news story on KVUE updated Alex’s progress. Alex has made enormous strides thanks to extraordinary medical care at Dell Children’s Hospital – but he still has a very, very long way to go. Read More

I-35 Improvement Project Managers Ask for Community Input at Open House

If you’ve ever driven on the Austin stretch of I-35, you know the frustration inherent to even a quick trip. The highway is somehow entrenched in traffic for most of the day. Even more unnerving are the statistics that list I-35, specifically in Austin, as one of the most dangerous roads in the country. Often, this frustration is hard to direct: who is to blame for bad traffic? Is it the influx of drivers moving in from other states? Is it the current city government? The city government ten, fifteen years ago? Maybe, though, assigning blame isn’t the key to… Read More

Mike Martinez: What You Need to Know

Mike Martinez is running to become Austin’s next Mayor. He has previously served on the Austin City Council for eight years. During this time, our law firm has interacted with Martinez several times on civil rights cases. He is a very dishonest public servant with a lengthy history of lying and making disparaging remarks about African-Americans. Let’s examine his record: 1. Mike Martinez has lied about his educational record. Mike Martinez does not have a college degree. That much is clear. What is unclear is whether he attended college at all. Martinez recently told the Statesman he… Read More

TASER Debate Continues After Settlement in Noe Niño de Rivera Case

A New American Media article published today interviewed our firm to discuss Noe Niño de Rivera, a Bastrop teenager who was tased while at school and suffered life-altering brain injury. Previously, we discussed the case in our blog. Our firm represented Noe’s family and achieved a $775,000 settlement for the young man and his family. The article expounds on an issue that we addressed—should TASERs be used in schools? Tellingly, the TASER company provides a disclaimer that their equipment should not be used on any minors. While school safety is a… Read More

$15,000 Donation Presented to Capital Area Food Bank of Texas

Our firm has been blessed with amazing clients and friends who help us succeed each day. We do not take this for granted. We are committed to giving back to the community. Recently, we pledged $15,000 to the Capital Area of Texas Food Bank. Yesterday, we were honored to present a check in this amount to Joanna Linden, CAFB’s Chief Development Officer. The CAFB’s mission is vital, yet often overlooked. Many community members in Austin are forced to make daily decisions about food: if I want my child to eat, will I have to go hungry… Read More

Adam Loewy Speaks on Good Business and Living Well at TAPS

This morning, Adam Loewy presented the opening speech for the Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar. This annual conference, attended by over 400 paralegals including the Loewy Law Firm team, is an opportunity for legal professionals to develop their skills, network, and pursue the latest legal innovations and tips. Adam Loewy’s compelling speech revolved around the business side of a law firm—best practices, practical advice, and thought-provoking examples that he has cultivated from ten years of experience running a successful law firm. While many of the points were specific to paralegals, quite a few surpassed… Read More

Preliminary City Council Approval for Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft, ride-sharing services, have recently moved into Austin and brought with them a debate that is also popping up in other growing cities across the country. The issue revolves around taxi and limousine companies versus the open market. Since city ordinances regulate taxi services, Austin, like many other cities, has been a transportation monopoly. Yellow Cab, Lone Star Cab, and Austin Cab are the only companies driving and they have a limited number of permits—they fight hard against change. This means that there are a limited… Read More

Michael Morton Speaks at the Texas Tribune Festival

Tomorrow, the target=”_blank”>Texas Tribune Festival will kick off for a weekend devoted to local, state, and national issues. Among the central topics that will be discussed by over 200 speakers are public and higher education, transportation, energy, criminal justice, and government transparency. Attendees of this important festival will hear from influential speakers such as Rick Perry, Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, Chris Hayes, and many more. One speaker in particular has caught our attention – Michael Morton, a man who spent twenty-five years in jail for killing his… Read More

Austin SXSW Evaluation Released: What Is Next for the Iconic Festival?

Recently, we secured a $350,000 settlement for a young Austin woman who was seriously injured in the tragic South by Southwest accident this past year. Like so many others, we were shocked when a drunk driver involved in a police chase ran headfirst into a festival crowd—killing four people and injuring over twenty. Since the tragedy, debate surrounding SXSW policies has grown prevalent. Major issues—alcohol consumption and venue over-capacity, among others—are at the core of the matter. The city recently released its annual SXSW evaluation. While this is a yearly… Read More