Indictment in Larry Jackson Jr Shooting Case

A Travis County Grand Jury returned an indictment for Manslaughter for former Detective Charles Kleinert related to the shooting death of Larry Jackson Jr.  The Loewy Law Firm is very honored to be able to represent Larry’s parents, Billie and Larry Mercer.  We filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit on their behalf last September seeking to hold the City of Austin and Charles Kleinart liable for the wrongful death of their son.

This indictment is a historic moment in Travis County, since indictments in police shootings are very, very rare.  Adam Loewy has been publicly lobbying for such indictments in prior police shooting cases he has handled but they never happened.  We commend the Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg and her team for securing an indictment in this case.  This is a very important moment for Civil Rights.

There was massive media coverage of this news and the press conference Adam Loewy had with Larry’s parents: