Growing Death Rate of Little Children Being Hit By Cars

Many remember when they were little and hide and go seek was one of the most fun a child could have playing a game. Kids would hide behind trees, bushes, and cars thinking that they were invisible to the world. Unfortunately because of the size of children, and the much larger size of the cars, drivers are unable to see the children and many of them are being injured or killed as a result. This is a tragic event for any parent to have to go through, the loss of a loved one, let alone a little one who has… Read More

Death by Distraction

It is a story of both heartbreak and heroism. Two brothers drowned in their backyard pool in Bakersfield, California last year while their mother was at work. It is assumed that the four year old big brother jumped into the pool to save his one year old little brother, who must have wandered over to the pool and fallen in. The boys’ bodies were both found at the bottom of the pool. While there were two individuals watching the boys, one was asleep and the other was using the restroom during the time the boys drowned in their backyard. Unfortunately,… Read More

Accidents at the Water Park

As summer is now on the horizon, you will most likely be taking your family on a trip to your local water park for a refreshing day in the sun. Just be careful as water park accidents are more common than you might think. Just last year in England, a horrifying news story was broadcast about a grandmother and her granddaughter being thrown out of a log flume ride. The grandmother sustained serious leg injuries and the granddaughter some bruising and cuts. 86% of reported water park injuries involve water slides. While fun, precautions should be taken at water parks… Read More

Protecting Children

The Loewy Law Firm has helped many children who have been seriously injured or killed due to the wrongful actions of others. Most people are aware that children get injured at times – but many times simply chalk it up to “kids being kids”. While this is true, it is also true that when children get hurt by someone else’s negligence, the parents and child are entitled to compensation. If your child has been injured, contact an Austin personal injury lawyer Adam Loewy. Adam has represented children who have been in car accidents, boating accidents, truck accidents and been injured at restaurants. These cases are challenging… Read More