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Injury at a Hotel Leads to $180,000 Settlement (If You’re Traveling This Summer, Take Note!)


If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, you know the drill. Check in, already exhausted. Ruin a perfectly packed suitcase to find one tucked away t-shirt. Scope out the pool and gym. Settle on a halfway-finished TV rerun. If you have kids, add a bit of rambunctious chaos to the mix.

But what if something unexpected happens? What if the hotel is not safe? A family trip can unfortunately lead to an injury at a hotel.

The Loewy Law Firm recently represented a family whose young daughter was badly injured while the family was staying at a hotel. We were able to secure an $180,000 settlement. How did we do it?

Our clients, a young family, had just checked into their hotel for the night. They were relaxing and enjoying dinner while their children played when a large mirror fell from the wall and struck their daughter.

It hit her face and neck. She was left with a bad facial scar, and her family was left with the medical expenses.

Premises liability cases are difficult because, in order to win, you have to prove that: 1. The hotel had actual knowledge of a condition that posed a risk, 2. The hotel did not take steps to mitigate the danger, and 3. The hotel’s failure to do so caused our client’s injuries. You can find out more about premises liability here.

The family hired us and we immediately began an investigation. We found out that the mirror was improperly secured. Not only this, but a closer investigation to staff emails showed that the hotel managers had received an inspection telling them about the unsafe mirror. They failed to fix it and continued renting out the room.

With this information, our team was able to prove that the hotel was negligent and should be held liable for the injury. The significant settlement will go towards the family’s expenses and the young girl’s future medical care.

Expenses – $4,003.20
Net to Client – $107,000.00