Just Keep Livin’ in Austin

We empathize with anyone who has lost a loved one. We all know the grief that people experience with the death of a family member. It’s when that grief is turned into something that is proactive and positive, we like to share the news.

Most of us know Matthew McConaughey. Well…we don’t know him, but we’ve seen him in movies, in print, and, most recently, fun-to-spoof car commercials. On Friday, a group of Austin high school students got to know the man a bit better up close and in person.

McConaughey arrived in Austin with his Airstream j.k. livin, or Just Keep Livin, trailer to speak with children about making positive choices and leading better lives. The actor and his wife Camila founded the organization after the death of McConaughey’s father. The organization is “dedicated to helping teenage kids lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women.”

The famous family created the foundation based on a simple idea: part of life is about giving back. They hold the belief that you should not only surround yourself with people you love and create the things you love, but you should help others and always strive to be a good neighbor. This is an important lesson that was well received by the teens on Friday.

The foundation works closely with schools and other non-profits in order to deliver its message to the maximum number of students. After school wellness and fitness programs have been established in inner-city high schools. Students who participate are encouraged to make positive life choices and are given a safe place to grow as young adults.

Those who choose to participate set fitness goals, track progress, and see results. They focus on connecting mind and body. They give back to their communities through service projects. They learn proper nutrition for a lifetime of healthy eating. Perhaps best of all, students make friendships and overcome obstacles, enhancing self-esteem and self-reliance.

We are thrilled that McConaughey brought his positive message to Austin and so are the students he reached out to. We hope that current programs at EACPrep and Reagan serve as an inspiration to other schools in the area. j.k. livin is something that we would like to see spread like wild fire!

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