Keeping Your Kids Safe While They Play Sports

youth soccerWhen your kids buckle a helmet or tie up their shoes, they have very little on their minds outside of playing a sport and having fun. Maybe they are thinking about winning as well, but they are almost definitely not thinking about staying safe. Those thoughts fall to you, coaches and medical professionals.

Children have favorite activities. For most under the age of 14, these include football, soccer, basketball, playing on playgrounds and jumping on trampolines. As fun as these sports and activities are, they come with a list of injuries.

Recreation is important for children’s health. The risks associated with sports don’t have to block your child from playing. Knowing the risks associated with playing sports can help you keep your child as safe as possible. Follow these general guidelines:

1. Don’t let your children play a sport before they are in proper physical condition to do so.

2. Make sure your child follows the rules of the sport.

3. Be sure that your child is wearing the safety gear that is appropriate for the sport or activity.

4. If the sport has specific equipment, children playing the sport should know exactly how to use it.

5. Children should warm up before playing a sport.

6. Children who are injured, tired or in pain should sit out.

When you were a kid playing sports, did your parents tell you to tough it out? Maybe they told you to quit being a whiner and get back in the game. The old school of thought was that this type of attitude helped to get kids ready for the “real world.” Today’s school of thought is much different.

Coaches and parents should not encourage players to work through the pain. Untreated injuries can lead to permanent damage. If a child is injured, you only have their description to rely on until a proper diagnosis can be made.

If your child has been injured in a sporting event, you may have a right to compensation for medical costs. Call our office today. We have attorneys experienced in sports injury in Austin. We will provide you with a free initial case evaluation and advise you of your options. Call now to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer in Austin.

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