Large Settlement Secured in Car Crash Turned Employment Case

Recently, our firm was thrilled to settle a multi-part case for a valued client.

Last year, this Austin woman was in a catastrophic car crash while traveling to work. She sustained multiple injuries and was put through several rounds of surgery. Over the next few months, she went through therapy and rehabilitation.

We were able to secure a settlement for her auto accident shortly after the crash occurred.

However, on the day she returned to work, she was terminated from her position after nineteen years of employment. They gave her nineteen days of severance—one day for each year that she had dedicated to the company.

We felt that this was extremely unfair to our client—ethically and legally. We pursued justice for her and recently settled the employment case.

Cases such as this are the reason why we are in this business. This lovely woman and her husband were a pleasure to work with, and the justice they received was well deserved.

At the Loewy Law Firm, we understand the need to aggressively pursue justice in complex cases. We make every effort to follow a case through to completion. If you are unsure whether your case requires legal help, please call us for a free consultation.