Larry Jackson’s Family Receives $600,000

Austin police detectives shot and killed Larry Jackson. As part of a settlement, the parents of Jackson will receive $600,000 from the city.

According to police reports, Charles Kleinert was investigating an unrelated bank robbery at the Benchmark Bank on West 35th Street. Jackson attempted to enter the bank, but the doors were locked. Kleinert stepped outside to speak with Jackson, but Jackson ran away. Kleinert gave chase and ended up in a struggle with Jackson. Kleinert’s gun went off after the struggle, striking Jackson in the back of the head.

Said Adam Loewy, attorney for Jackson’s parents, “Obviously everyone involved in this case — including Charles Kleinert — wishes Larry was still alive. No one wanted this to happen.”

The city settled with Jackson’s three children in 2014. Why the city decided to settle with only half of the family is still a bit up in the air. What is known is that it took close to two more years for the city to settle with Jackson’s parents.

Kleinert was ultimately indicted on charges of manslaughter, but the case against him may never go to court. The case was moved to federal court because it is said that Kleinert was acting as a federal officer as he was investigating a crime in a bank. Kleinert has plead not guilty to manslaughter, and the city’s district attorney has appealed with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Whether or not Kleinert’s case will be moved back to the county level is a decision that is still pending.

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