Less Cumbersome Commuting in Austin


We know how difficult it can be making it through the city to get to work. We have all experienced the headache of congested streets and bumper-to-bumper traffic. That is why we are excited by Movability Austin and the work the group is doing. Every one of us here at Loewy Law Firm can get behind any idea that makes it easier to get to work safely and efficiently.

So what is Movability Austin? What it is not is a ride to work. It is not transportation of any kind. Instead, it is a group of people who are commute savvy. If you work in downtown Austin, anticipate seeing someone from this group as you walk to and from lunch. Feel free to stop by and chat with a Mutual Mobile volunteer whose only goal is to “Transform Your Trip.”

The group is not only talking to workers on their lunch breaks, but they are working with many companies downtown and giving free commute chats.

Here’s a great example. One commuter made every attempt to take the bus. Every time the man waited at the bus stop, the vehicle would come by and it would be completely full. The last time he rode his bike, the bike rack was completely full. The solution? Drive to a closer bus stop, park the car, and catch the bus before it gets full. Easy as pie.

It’s not that the group is coming up with any new transportation options; they are simply giving people ideas they hadn’t thought about before. Sure, you may consider taking the bus, but maybe the bus stop is too far away to walk to. Maybe you have thought about riding your bike, but you cannot come up with a safe route. This is where Movability Austin comes in.

If you are stopped by a volunteer or you see a stand and have time to chat, tell them what your ideal commute would be. Tell them what your current commute is like. With just a few pieces of information, your new friend can map out a hybrid route for you that makes your commute to work easier, if not more pleasant than it has ever been.

If your commute to work has turned tragic, whether due to a car or bicycle accident, please reach out to our attorneys today. We know that an unexpected accident can wreak havoc on not only your physical health, but on your personal life as well. Contact us so that we can help you fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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