The Most Likely Place for a Car Accident

When you think of car accidents and where they occur, what pops into your mind? Many people would think of curving roads winding up steep mountains. Others may think of icy highways in the middle of winter. The truth is that both of these scenarios would be incorrect. The place you are most likely to experience a car accident is likely not a place you would think of at all: a parking lot. Yes…a parking lot.

According to AAA, drivers are more likely, per-mile, to have an accident in parking lots. Here is how to keep yourself safe.

1. Angled Spaces

Angled spaces are considered the safest. Typically, you only have traffic coming at you from one direction as you are trying to back out. You also have a better line of site when you are driving in reverse.

2. Barrier Islands

Some parking lots have cement barriers that prevent motorists from driving across the parking lot instead of up and down through it. Take advantage of these and park closely to them. Do not, however, park at the end of one. A car coming too tightly around the barrier could clip your car.

3. Stay on the Fringe

Most people like to park near main entrances because they don’t want to walk. Tighten up your laces and park on the fringe. You are less likely to be involved in a fender bender when you don’t park with everyone else.

4. Stop, Look and Listen

Before you get in your car to head home, stop for a moment and evaluate your surroundings. Do you see any cars getting ready to back out of their spaces? Do you hear car doors slamming somewhere close by? These are indicators that you should back out of your space carefully.

5. Slow Down

Don’t be tempted to speed through a parking lot, and never drive across the parking lanes. People do not expect others to be doing this and may not be looking for you. Drive up and down the parking lanes as marked.

You can lessen your chances of being involved in an accident in a parking lot by following the tips above. If you do happen to be involved in an accident, call our team of personal injury attorneys. We will evaluate your case at no cost to you and advise you of your options. You may be entitled to compensation by law. Call us now.

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