Local Musician Involved in Accident

AUSTIN, TX – Gina Mendez-Jew was a mother, a teacher and a musician. The 35-year-old was killed in a single-vehicle car crash last Wednesday. She leaves behind a family and a community who loved her.

According to reports, Mendez-Jew was driving her truck on Barton Springs Road early in the morning. It is unknown why at this time, but Mendez-Jew’s vehicle struck a tree, killing the vibrant woman who was known for her love of music.

People who knew the woman said that she was able to make a connection with local youth through a shared love of music. “She had a kind of magic with the kids,” said Marti Coffey, a parent of children taught by the Mendez-Jew at Austin’s School of Rock. Not one to stay idle, Mendez-Jew was also the lead singer for the band Tombstone Union. The band was a popular draw at Dirty Dog in Downtown Austin.

Because Mendez-Jew was primarily employed as a musician, she did not have life insurance. Her family was able to pay funeral expenses thanks to generous donations to a GoFundMe account they set up.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. Officials have not determined whether or not drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident.

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