Loewy Law Firm Supports Work-Life Balance

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Our firm highly values work-life balance. As an employee of the Loewy Law Firm, I am grateful for this daily. Today I read a fascinating article that makes the case for doing more in less time—then using that newly freed time to develop yourself as a person.

The article, called “Your Life Has Already Been Designed” is a sobering look at over-consumption and the ways in which our workweek fuels into it. After working long hours, we want to kick back and indulge (usually spending money to feel good). We crave easy entertainment (usually Netflix or boozy happy hours) over self-development such as reading, exercising, and traveling. These things take effort that our jobs often leave us unwilling to expend.

The average office worker, as the article points out, gets less than three hours of actual work done in eight hours. Our firm is different. One of the key principles we operate on is efficiency. At the core of this is the idea that the more time you’ve been given to do something, the more time it will take you to do it. Rather, we move cases along quickly. This means that the end of the day on Friday is calm and early instead of harried and late.

In our free time, the Loewy Law Firm staff has varied hobbies. Adam Loewy has traveled to over 25 countries and spends time with his schnauzer rescue, Winston. Michelle Pierce is a writer and chef with a penchant for entrepreneurship. Jenna Brooks spends time on her family’s ranch and paints in her free time. I spend my free time reading, writing, and running. I am blessed to be a part of such an edifying culture that gives me the time and energy to develop myself while providing an excellent professional environment.

One of the ways that we maintain this environment is to hold meetings each Monday morning. These meetings are open forums in which we consciously address our company’s values. I urge you to consider implementing this strategy with your company or work group.

Ultimately, simple changes can make a big impact on work-life balance. Simply being aware of the effect that corporate life can have on you is a huge step forward. Consciously carving out time for self-ambition, even in the midst of long work hours, is vital.

This week, I would challenge you to spend one hour that you might have been relieving stress over happy hour or a TV show and do something else instead. Read, bike through the neighborhood, paint, bake something pumpkin, write a letter to an old friend, dust your piano, book that trip you’ve been considering but will force you to save money… maybe just sit outside, turn off your phone, and enjoy the cooler weather. Happy Thursday, have a productive Friday and a wonderful weekend in Austin, TX!

-Kate Terry