Make Your Holiday Road Trip Safe and Stress Free

As the holidays approach, you may be starting to plan the annual family road trip. Car travel is at a peak during the holiday season. This means that the roads will be more congested than you may be used to. Follow these tips to be sure you arrive at your destination safely.

  1. Maintenance. Before you head out on the open road, make sure that your car is serviced properly. If you have recently had routine maintenance completed on your car, at least be sure to have the tires inspected one more time before you start off on your long drive.
  2. Plan Your Route. Know the roads you will be taking in advance of your trip. You can map out your route on your mobile device. Many apps will offer alternate routes, allowing you to choose the one you would like to take. Leave earlier or later in the day to avoid heavy traffic when possible.
  3. Valuables. You may be stopping to refuel or take a break. Make sure that any valuables in your vehicle are safely tucked away in your trunk.
  4. Kid Packs. If you are traveling with children, lessen the likelihood of them turning into a distraction by keeping them entertained. Carefully constructed kids’ packs filled with activity books, reading books and magazines, snacks and drinks can keep your little ones occupied for hours.
  5. Emergency Kit. Every car should be stocked with an emergency kit. Make sure that you have items necessary to use if your car breaks down, and be sure to have first-aid materials tucked inside.
  6. Phone Numbers. Keep roadside emergency and insurance contact information handy. You should also have numbers for the local police departments for the jurisdictions you will be traveling through.

With a little bit of prep work on your part, you can leave the stress behind as you head off down the road. You can also help to ensure that you and your family arrive at your destination safely.

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