Make It a Kid-Safe Holiday This Year

The holidays bring with them a tremendous amount of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, they also can cause dangerous situations for your children. Don’t let a time that is supposed to be happy be ruined by an accident that could have been prevented. Use this as a guide to make the holidays as safe as possible for your little ones.

  1. Christmas Tree

Most of us know that Christmas trees are a fire hazard and take steps to prevent a fire from breaking out. They are also a hazard for other reasons. If your tree is not stable, it can easily topple and fall on top of your child. Make sure that your tree is sturdy in its base. If possible, secure it to the wall in a way that no one will see.

  1. Ornaments and Décor

You have lovely ornaments that you want to put on your tree or use to fill bowls. Keep in mind that glass and porcelain ornaments are fragile and, once broken, sharp. Keep these ornaments out of the reach of little hands that are eager to explore. Hang expensive, antique and fragile ornaments at the top of the tree. If you are going to put ornaments in bowls or vases, keep those containers out of reach.

  1. Slips and Falls

From extension cords to tree skirts, the holidays provide ample opportunities for little ones to slip and fall. Consider putting a baby gate in front of the tree to prevent kids from getting too close, and make sure that all cords are out of the way of tiny feet.

  1. Outlet Covers

Don’t forget to replace any outlet safety covers that you remove in order to plug in your extra decorations. If you unplug the Christmas tree lights at night, replace the outlet plug. This can keep your kids as safe as the rest of the year.

  1. Candles

Many people enjoy using candles to add a bit of cheer to their décor during the holidays. These are fire hazards and easily knocked over by children. If you are going to light candles, keep them out of reach and don’t set them on any surfaces that can be knocked over.

Keeping your kids safe during the holidays is no different than any other time of year; it simply takes a bit more attention to detail. Follow these tips to keep your little ones happy and healthy well into the New Year.

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