Man Arrested for DWI Blows Five Times Legal Limit

An Austin man was arrested last week for driving under the influence. While someone being arrested for DUI is not exactly news in the city, the man’s blood alcohol concentration is certainly newsworthy at 0.414.

In Austin, and throughout Texas, the legal limit is 0.08. This makes the man’s reading nearly five times what is allowable by law. A blood test was given to the man to confirm the preliminary breath reading. The man’s blood alcohol concentration after the second test was registered at 0.353:  just over four times the legal limit.

According to reports, officers were called to the scene by witnesses at the Kensington Apartments. Witnesses claimed that a car hit another car. The same witnesses claimed that the driver of the first car was intoxicated. As officers responded and began to speak with the driver, they observed him to have a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech among other issues.

Officers report that the man, Curt Anderson, was unable to stand without assistance. Anderson admitted to being “drunk,” and he told police that he had consumed six 16-ounce beers about a half hour before police arrived.

Anderson now faces a third-degree felony of driving under the influence. Anderson was arrested and bail was set at $15,000. As a condition of his bail, Anderson was ordered to have a monitoring device placed on his car. He is prohibited from driving without the device being installed.

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