Man Charged in Death of Partner

AUSTIN, TX – A domestic dispute between a young couple ended tragically in one’s death and the other being accused of causing that death.

The couple, Bryan Canchola and Stephen Sylvester, returned to their apartment after a night on the town, according to police reports. A roommate told police that he awoke to what sounded like a violent argument at about 4:13 a.m. Friday. He believed that the fight was over fidelity.

The roommate asked the pair to quiet down. A short time later, the couple’s dog was heard yelping as the victim cried out to, “Let the dog go.” The roommate barged into the couple’s bedroom and saw the walls covered in blood. More blood was seen pouring from Sylvester’s head and down the back of his shirt.

Sylvester briefly sought treatment at University Medical Center Brackenridge, but ended up going back to the apartment before receiving medical attention. It was Canchola who later called 911 to report that Sylvester was unconscious and bleeding. Sylvester was taken to the hospital where he later died.

The pair had not been dating long prior to the incident. Sylvester’s ex-boyfriend, Taylor Shirley, told reporters, “Stephen was a very big hearted and trusting person and so whenever he met people, he trusted them way too easily and I think this was just one of those things. He trusted the wrong person and it cost him his life.”

Canchola is currently being held at Travis County Correctional Complex and facing a charge of murder.

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