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Man Suing Livery Company After Being Struck

An Austin County man is seeking compensation from a Houston livery company, claiming that he sustained injuries when a taxi driver, operating a vehicle owned by the company, struck and injured him.

According to reports, Robert Edmondson filed the suit against Greater Houston Transportation Company and George Villarreal. Edmondson filed the suit in October and is alleging negligence on the part of the driver. The plaintiff claims that he ordered a cab from the company. The cab arrived to pick him up at the Holiday Inn in Kemah and that is when the accident happened.

The driver of the taxi cab and a friend of the defendant started speaking. Edmondson then saw his friend on the ground and the cab’s rear passenger door open. The taxi cab driver attempted to speed off and Edmondson ran into the parking lot to prevent the car from leaving. It is alleged that the driver then drove the car directly at Edmondson and hit him with the front of the vehicle. Edmondson ended up on the hood of the car and then on the ground. The taxi cab driver left the scene.

Edmondson is seeking $200,000 in damages plus attorney fees and court costs. He also wants a trial by jury. The man alleges that he incurred pain, mental anguish and suffering, and medical expenses.

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