Negligence at Holiday Parties

320px-Champagne_glass_flower_stem_shapeThe holidays and winter season is for many people filled with parties and celebrations. Even though they are usually filled with good intentioned fun and spirit. However, accidents and injuries can still sometimes unfortunately happen. Sometimes it’s just innocent accidents or silly mistakes, but other times negligence can be involved. This is how different hosts can be liable for an injury:

Dram Shops

If an event is hosted at a public or social location, run by a business that will be serving and selling the guests alcohol, they are responsible for refusing to serve individuals that are already visibly intoxicated to their limit. If a person gets into a drunk driving accident or has another intoxication related injury after being served too much to drink, the shop or business that sold the alcohol could be held responsible.

Homeowner Premises

If the event is hosted at someone’s home or other property, they are responsible for making sure that every inch of it is safe and suitable to hold the expected capacity of the party. If there are areas that are not safe or suitable, they should be clearly marked and well sectioned off by the property owner. For holiday parties, if you are hosting a party, things to watch out for include sharp, protruding decorations and candle flames.


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