Officials to Drivers: Be on the Lookout for Deer

SOUTH AUSTIN, TX – Local authorities are urging motorists to keep their eyes open as they drive down the city’s highways. Motorists are not being told to watch out for one another, but for a far more nefarious creature: Bambi.

Clearly, you are not being told to look out for the Bambi, but for deer. October not only brings cooler weather and one of the most fun holidays of the year, but deer season. According the State Farm, you have a 1 in 169 chance of hitting a deer. That may not seem like much, but take time to consider the cost if you do hit one of these animals: an average of $4,135. If you have insurance, that may not be such a big deal. If you do not, you will be paying big bucks to have your vehicle repaired.

Not only are cars damaged each year by deer, but people are injured as well. In 2013 alone, 191 people died from striking an animal with their vehicle. Many of those animals were deer. This is according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the entity that keeps track of such information. A spokesman for the institute says that claims for auto versus deer collisions spike in November.

So what can you do to avoid hitting a deer this season?

  1. Know that dusk and dawn are prime times for deer. Not only are these the two favorite times of day for many animals, they are also the times of day when visibility is the most limited.
  2. It is a reflex to swerve to miss an animal, but avoid your impulse. Instead of swerving, brake firmly and stay in your lane. You may hit the animal, but you are less likely to hit another vehicle or go careening off the side of the road.
  3. Slow down when you see deer warning signs. These signs are placed in areas where high populations of deer are known. If you see a sign, you can bet that a deer is close by, even if you cannot see it.

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