This One Fix Could Prevent Countless Truck Accidents

tanker truckResearchers have shown that a three-dollar fix on trucks could make a difference in the number of accidents that occur in Austin and beyond. When used at night, this small addition could mean that more people live to see another beautiful day.

On March 17, 2015, a Florida family was involved in an accident. Four members of the family, a mother and her three children, were killed in the accident. The vehicle they were driving crashed into the back of a tractor trailer and was in turn struck from behind.

During the investigation, the Florida Highway Patrol discovered that the trailer had reflective tape that was not visible, and that the trailer was not properly connected. There was a lawsuit filed against the owner of the trailer, among others.

Any trailer that was made after November 30, 1993 is required to have an adequate amount of reflective tape on it. Law enforcement suggests that the tape be placed close to the road and at mid-height. Unfortunately, not all truckers follow this law.

A television station conducted an informal survey, sitting and watching traffic pass over Riverside bridge during rush hour on a Monday afternoon. There were 150 trucks that passed by, and 32 had reflective tape that was missing, torn or otherwise not visible.

Reflective tape is not expensive and there is no reason, say researchers, that it should not be in place. A roll of tape costs about $3.00. Simply placing strips of this tape along trailers can make them visible at night, even when trailer lights are not working properly.

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