One Year Anniversary of School TASER Incident

One year ago today, a young man was tasered at school by a Texas Deputy. A video of the school hallway shows he was not disobeying, fighting, holding weapons, hitting anyone, or behaving aggressively. He spent fifty-two days in a coma with severe traumatic brain injuries. He needed multiple emergency surgeries. He missed almost two months of his life—including the upcoming holiday season with his family.

Today, this young man, Noe Niño de Rivera, has recovered remarkably. On his Facebook, he posted about the past year:

“Today is a year since I was stepping on the line of life or death but thanks to my dear lord I am still here and stronger than ever before..! And thanks to the best family and their support I’ve come so far, and thanks to the best lawyer Adam Loewy I got justice..!”

We are so glad that Noe, aided by the amazing brain rehabilitation care at CORE Healthcare, is enjoying life and has moved on to better things. It is unacceptable that Noe had to go through this, and we hope that the new legislature will consider banning TASERs in schools. You can read more about this issue here.

Our firm is proud to have secured an unprecedented $775,000 settlement for Noe and his family.

Adam Loewy in court
Noe’s Parents and Brother Stand Beside Adam Loewy at a Press Conference